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Supporting Youth Since 1975

Focus Foundation was formed as a non-profit organization to provide innovative social and educational programs for children ages 13-19 who struggle with school and personal circumstances. We consider the needs of the whole person and their environments.  In contrast to approaches that focus on deficits and problems, we seek to build a tailored program based on each child’s strengths to inspire hope and promote engagement in their capacity for positive growth. Our programs promote emotional and behavioral self-regulation; healthy interconnections and relationships; and personal competence. Children who have never had an energized focus or pro-active involvement in life, begin to come alive. We are dedicated to creating real change.

Vision & Guiding Principles

Vision: Transform young lives with innovative pathways to life success through education and therapeutic supports. Using the best science and knowledge, the approach promotes resilience, personal growth and creates educational success.

Mission: We create fully integrated programs that engage children’s emotions, encourage healthy relationships and achieve educational success.

Guiding Principles (Values)

Safety: We give every individual space to be honest and open, free from pain, negative criticism, and judgment. Children begin to experience a sense of belonging and place.

Nurturing: We have a deep awareness of children’s needs and are motivated to make a difference.

Respect: We provide an environment that is built on acceptance and freedom to be your authentic self.

Consistency: We believe in collaborating with children and their families and others by sharing knowledge, learning, and building consensus to achieve goals.

Community: We believe we are all stronger when every individual can be themselves while feeling a sense of pride in belonging to a collective whole.


Focus Foundation is a charitable organization, supporting programs for at risk youth through our Whytecliff Learning Centres.



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