Jake D. was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder (BPD), and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). He spent time at Children’s Hospital and several other mental health support groups, all of which were minimally effective. At Whytecliff, Jake developed a close bond with staff and fellow students and, with this new-found support, was transformed. In his second year he achieved the virtually impossible: In a nine month school year, he completed twenty-six courses, including five provincial exams. Jake’s academic talents and ability to manage his mental health challenges illustrate the profound transformation which can occur when a struggling child is placed in an environment designed to meet their needs – whatever those may be.

Jake D.

Matthew S., “If I didn’t have this school, I definitely would not be graduating. They (Whytecliff) gave me so many opportunities and chances that I did not have in my previous school. The staff helped me build my social skills and deal with my anger. I got a lot of one to one help with my schoolwork and even free food when I was hungry.”

Matthew S.

Michelle T. was involved with the Ministry at an early age due to an unsafe home environment. Michelle could not focus or concentrate while attending regular school and chose to regularly skip all of her classes. Michelle dropped out for the latter half of her Grade 10 year. She became involved in partying, drugs and alcohol, and soon found herself charged with multiple minor offences. At Whytecliff, Michelle found stability and with help from our Family Worker managed to transition into independent living.  In a safe and nurturing environment for the first time, she was free to focus on learning and went on to graduate and was subsequently accepted into a post-secondary accounting program.

Michelle T.

Carl M.

“I have no idea what my life would be like without Whytecliff. I could be a drop out, doing nothing with my life, or ended up in jail doing drugs. All I know is that I would not be graduating without them.”

Carl M.

Sarah T. suffered with anxiety and depression as a victim of sexual abuse during her young childhood and made numerous attempts on her life.  Bullied and isolated at her previous schools, Sarah developed a poor attendance record and was forced to drop out. At Whytecliff Sarah found a “home” that was safe and accepting. With the support from staff, Sarah began therapy to work through her past abuses. With stability and programs that focused on her strengths, she blossomed as a student, completing four more courses than required to graduate Grade 12. Sarah was elected Valedictorian in her graduating year, inspiring her fellow students with her grace and positive outlook. Sarah is now employed and attending University where she is studying to become a teacher. She is happy, hopeful, and has made no other attempts on her life, for which she profoundly thanks the staff and friends she made at Whytecliff.

Sarah T.


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