A Unique Approach

Whytecliff Learning Centres are provincially accredited independent schools for youth, ages 13-19, with diverse learning and/or personal challenges (such as anxiety and depression), who have often struggled and met with failure in traditional educational environments.

We have established a community where students receive individualized education plans that focus on the strengths and talents of each youth, while modifying the curriculum in innovative ways to address diverse learning needs.

The two Whytecliff Centres are two of only 14 schools recognized by the BC Ministry of Education that provide highly specialized education programs and tailored learning environments for a unique group of youth with special educational and emotional needs. Students reach the requirements of high school graduation with confidence to begin the next chapter of their lives. The unique curriculum, blended with therapeutics, inspires talent, develops skills and internal motivation, encourages character development and removes barriers that these youth would otherwise face.

Dually Accredited

Our programs work to the highest provincial, national and international standards, as evidenced by our accreditation both by the BC Ministry of Education as an independent school and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) as a Positive Mental Wellness Program.

This gives Whytecliff Centres the unique ability to deal with the youths’ issues in their entirety; learning challenges, mental and emotional health, physical well-being and family circumstances – at a level and intensity that provides the best opportunity for stability, growth and, ultimately, success.

“This is a truly remarkable program…Their programs are part school, part emotional growth centers, part re-socialization programs for youth at risk… and part family and community building programs.”

– Dr.Charles Huffine, former President of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists


Success Stories

If I didn’t have this school I definitely would not be graduating. They gave me so many opportunities and chances that I would not have at a regular school. They helped me build my social skills and deal with my anger. I got a lot of one to one help with my schoolwork and even free food when I was hungry.

Matthew, Graduate Class of 2014

I have no idea what my life would be like without Whytecliff. I could be a drop out, doing nothing with my life, or ended up in jail doing drugs. All I know is that I would not be graduating without them.

Carl, Graduate Class of 2014

Through outreach and support from the staff, Michelle has achieved all the goals she set out to accomplish and looks to a promising future.

Michelle T.

At Whytecliff, Jake developed a close bond with staff and fellow students, and in his second year he achieved the virtually impossible.

Jake D.

With stability and programs that focus on her strengths, she blossomed as a student and was elected the Langley Campus 2014 Valedictorian.

Sarah T.


Focus Foundation is a charitable organization, supporting programs for at risk youth through our Whytecliff Learning Centres.



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