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Welcome to the new Focus Foundation website – we are very excited about the new look and hope everyone else feels the same!  The new site is the first step in an ongoing re-branding of the Foundation to raise awareness of the remarkable work done at the Whytecliff Learning Centres.

The new Focus logo, colour scheme, and overall branding is designed to embody the same values the organization holds true and dear, while reflecting a shift in our approach to raising our profile in the corporate world and community at large.

The new site is designed to be more user-friendly so that information is quickly and simply accessed and downloaded.  There are new features that allow us to better interact with our community and provide regular updates events, success stories, and developments to families, supporters, and our valued alumni.

This site has a lot more information than the previous – a lot more information!  In order for this to be an effective data centre, we have included application forms, links, and supporting documents to provide a wide range of information to a varied audience: parents needing enrolment information, donors wanting to make a contribution, students and alumni looking up events and social agencies requiring policy documents – to name a few.

Crucial to any website is timely and effective management.  This site is designed to be an “organic” instrument, regularly updated with new information to remain fresh, vibrant and, most importantly, relevant to our community.  Part of this is knowing what concerns and questions YOU might have, as well as alumni updates, suggestions, pictures, artwork, etc. This is YOUR place to use, inform, enlighten, and delight. So please, let’s hear from you!

Furthermore, need your assistance to alert people to our new address and draw attention to the launch of the new Focus Foundation website.  Please send a link to everyone you know and let’s get some buzz happening about the “new look” Focus Foundation!


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